President Iohannis to attend the Saxons’ largest meeting in Romania in the past three decades

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President Klaus Iohannia will attend the largest meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons after 1989, due in Sibiu August 4-6 where about 12,000 representatives of the Saxon communities from Romania, Germany, Austria and USA are expected.

The president of the Transylvania organization of the FGDR (Democratic Federation of Germans in Romania), Martin Bottesch has announced in a press conference on Wednesday that the largest meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons after ’89 will take place in Sibiu during August 4-6.

We estimated around 10,000 participants, but signals from Germany point to roughly 12,000 participants. It will be the largest gathering of the Saxons from Romania after the Revolution, with about ten times more participants than in the previous meetings. A similar meeting takes place in Germany every year, with around 20,000 people attending,” Martin Bottesch stated.

He also revealed that president Klaus Iohannis will also come and will take the floor on Saturday around 12:00, on the stage set up in Sibiu’s Big Square (Piata Mare).

Ambassadors, MPs, politicians and other personalities from the participant countries are expected to attend the event.

The reunion will kick off next Friday, August 4 and will comprise around 50 events, with folk costume parade as the most expected one.

There will be also 11 exhibitions, three book launches, music performances and other similar events.

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