President Iohannis to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on January 15

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President Klaus Iohannis announced in a press conference on Tuesday that, in order to mark the start of the second stage of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, he will get vaccinated in a public event, on Friday, January 15.

Asked if he considers that the fact that no political leader in Romania has got vaccinated so far does not increase the mistrust of the population, the President replied: “No, there is no misunderstanding here. The decision was for the health care workers to be vaccinated first and this is happening. Neither me nor the PM wanted to cut the line, it would have probably been the wrong message, but the second stage of the vaccination starts on Friday, with the teaching staff, elderly over 65, patients with chronic diseases and the essential personnel being included. So, in order to mark the debut of the second stage of the vaccination campaign I will be publicly vaccinated on Friday,” said the head of state.

He pointed out that mass vaccination against COVID-19 is the only solution to return to normality as soon as possible.

Mass vaccination is the only solution to get back to normal as soon as possible and to resume safely all the activities that we have greatly missed in the past year. The success of the vaccination campaign also reflects into the recovery of the economy and can avoid a deep crisis, whose effects can leave deep traces in society, education and the economy,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

He added that it was “essential” that this vaccination campaign be successful, “so that we can achieve immunization of the population at the national level.”

President Iohannis mentioned that the vaccination campaign has been a success in Romania so far. “We rank 8th in Europe, which is not bad at all”, he said.

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