President Iohannis to have consultations with political parties early next year, sources say


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President Klaus Iohannis will launch on December 5 the ‘Educated Romania’ project, which includes seven technical reports. At the same time, according to official sources of the Presidential Administration, the head of state prepares consultations with political parties on the country’s education project.

The information was delivered by state councilor with the Presidential Administration’s Education and Research Department, Ligia Deca.

As of the start of next year, President Klaus Iohannis will start a new series of consultations with political parties on the ‘Educated Romania’ project.

The ‘Educated Romania’ project includes seven technical reports covering the fields of teaching career, educational management, access equity (reduction of abandonment and functional illiteracy), functional and technical education, higher education, early education (nurseries and kindergartens) evaluation of pupils and students.

‘Educated Romania’ is the national project initiated by the President of Romania, meant to support the society’s re-establishment on values, the development of a culture of success based on performance, work, talent, honesty and integrity, according to the Presidency’s website.

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