President Iohannis to negotiate ‘tough’ for Romania to get more EU money

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced while in Brussels on Friday that he is determined to have tough negotiations so that Romania could obtain more money from the cohesion and common agriculture policy funds within the European Union multi-annual budget.

“The idea is to find a common ground for the multi-annual budget. We have a well grounded stance in Bucharest for the budget we want, starting from the idea that the budget for the next budget exercise should be a little bit higher than the ending exercise,” Klaus Iohannis  said before a meeting with the president of the European Council, Charles Michel.

He added that Romania has expectations related tot the funds destined to the cohesion policy, arguing that there are more funds in this category and they are vital for Romania “to reach an acceptable convergence as soon as possible”.

“Funds destined to agriculture are also important for us, and I am going to have tough negotiations so that we could get as more money for Romania (…)”, said the Romanian head of state, also opining that it would be better, as well, that the fund of transition to a greener economy should not be part of the cohesion funds anymore, but to be as additional fund.

Iohannis also stated that Romania’s stance is that member states should have “a little bit higher” contribution to the EU multi-annual budget, namely higher than 1% of the GDP.

We have to be realistic. The equation is extremely complicated, because there are two types of countries-some that pay more than they get and others that receive more than they pay. Romania is in the category of the states that receive more than we contribute and there is no deal yet between these states. There are countries that are firm on the idea to pay just 1pc of the National GDP.

The EC’s proposal was for 1.1% or a little bit more, but if the quota decreases to 1 per cent, then the total sum will be considerably lower and cuts must be done. We are trying through negotiations to reach a little bit higher contribution, to enable money for cohesion, but also for agriculture, for new research projects or from the Green Deal,” Iohannis pointed out.

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