President Iohannis, tough attack: ‘Delinquent Dragnea has climbed on top of the state’

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President Klaus Iohannis has toughly criticized PSD leader Liviu Dragnea for the moment when he brought two suitcases, one with donuts and one with files allegedly related to the head of state, saying that what the issues presented yesterday are called fake news, this being the only domain in which the PSD chairman is making progress. Iohannis also said Liviu Dragnea is desperate and is trying to manipulate.

“A delinquent has climbed on top of the state, delinquent Dragnea has climbed on top of the state, is making progress not in the rule of law, but in the fake news field, the issues presented yesterday are called fake news, PSD gathered lies for the five campaigns that it has participated to over the years,” President Iohannis said on Tuesday, reports.

He also said that Dragnea “is desperate” and “attempts manipulation maneuvers.”

“I cannot fail to mention the suitcases, the Romanian policy has changed. We had Caragiale with a lost letter, then the pink note, lost and found, this is what happens when delinquents climb on top of the state,” Iohannis said.

Earlier, the head of state drew attention to populism and to the attacks of politicians who are trying to cover up their failure. He accused the phenomenon of fake news and manipulation of public interest information, alluding to the episode of Monday when Liviu Dragnea came with two suitcases in Parliament, one with donuts and one with alleged documents aimed at the head of state.

“We are confronted with certain threats that risk endangering even democracy and the rule of law. The phenomenon of fake news, and yesterday we had an example, manipulation of public interest information and an increased populism that deceives with lies and too unsustainable promises – these are potential risks to democracy. We hear the EU is reportedly guilty of various issues in Romania. This is the way for politicians to hide their own failures and find a scapegoat,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The President has attended on Tuesday, at Cotroceni Palace, a debate on the topic of education, he added that there is a risk that such attacks will become credible, and the only form of immunization against populism and demagogy is the education of children with respect to fundamental rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea arrived to the party’s Executive Committee sitting in Parliament on Monday with two suitcases, after the Tel Drum leak documents case released in the mass media. Rise Project announced the documents found on a field in Teleorman had been brought to them by a villager.

“Check this out: 1. The acquisition of the Raiffeisen house. 2. Retrocessions of the German ethnic group to the German Forum. 3. Promoting prosecutors who closed his files. 4. Statements about the money from renting contracts. 5. Renting the retirement home from the German forum. 6. Pressures on a Court’s judge. And we have more flash drives in store,” said Dragnea referring to the alleged suitcase concerning President Iohannis.

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