President Iohannis vaccinated against COVID-19. “It’s a simple procedure, this vaccine is safe and efficient”


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President Klaus Iohannis has got vaccinated against COVID-19 in a public event at the Military Hospital in Bucharest today at 10:00hrs. The Romanian President is thus marking the start of the second stage of the national vaccination campaign.

“I have just got vaccinated. It is a simple procedure, it doesn’t hurt and I want to underline that this vaccine is safe and efficient and I recommend all to get vaccinated“, Iohannis stated after the had taken the jab.

Vaccination, together with observing the restrictions will get us out of the pandemic,” he added.

The head of state has taken the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

PM Florin Citu announced he would be vaccinated on Saturday, January 16.

Raed Arafat: If there are unused doses left, other people who are not in the 2nd stage of vaccinated can take the jab

The Head of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat, announced live at DigiFM, that people who are not comprised in the second stage of the vaccination campaign can be vaccinated if there are unused vaccine doses left.

At the same time, Arafat said that Romania will receive new syringes to use six doses of anti-Covid vaccine produced by Pfizer/Biontech from a vial.

“The syringes have a so-called dead space, meaning a part of the dose is lost and if you use a different type of syringe, with a smaller dead space, 6 doses of vaccine can be used instead of 5. The 6th dose would be lost within the syringe’s dead space, meaning there was a part of liquid that remained in the syringe. With the new syringes, we’ll be able to use the sixth dose as well, that was lost otherwise,” he explained.

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