President Iohannis will challenge the law on referendum to CCR

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Wednesday he would notify the Constitutional Court (CCR) due to “some objections” in the context in which the Parliament has approved the law of the referendum in its original version, without taking into account the themes requested by the head of state for review.

“The law of the referendum, as it has been sent to me, will not be promulgated. I have some objections to this law and I will request the opinion of the Constitutional Court,” President Iohannis announced.

Asked if he will attend the rally announced by PSD to support the traditional family, the head of state said: “Let’s see the rally organized and see what the purpose of this rally will be. I cannot have an opinion about a matter that is, at the moment, only at the level of idea.”

The president also said he would not oppose the referendum on redefining the family.

“The referendum was requested by a large number of citizens and when Parliament decides that it is necessary to organise it, this referendum will be held. Here the role of the president seems to be diminishing due to the steps taken by Parliament, the legislation is still in the pipeline and we will see how it is being completed,” Iohannis said.

PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Monday at the end of the PSD Executive Committee sitting that it has been approved the organization of a large rally in May to support the traditional family.

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