President kicks off consultations with political parties on the justice referendum, expects the entire society to get involved

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President Klaus Iohannis is starting the consultations with the political parties represented in Parliament in order to transpose in legislation the results of the referendum on justice held at the same time with the EP elections on May 26.

PNL, USR and UDMR are scheduled on Tuesday, while PMP, ALDE, Pro Romania, national minorities and PSD –on Wednesday.

According to the official final statistics released by the Central Electoral Bureau, 6,459,383 voters have answered “yes” to the first question regarding banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds, and 6,477,865, have answered “yes” to the second question that referred to the ban on GEOs in crime and judicial organization matters.

Before the consultations, the head of state has called on the Romanian society to get actively involved to prevent politicians from ignoring the results of the referendum and so that it should be enforced.

The conclusion of the referendum of May 26 is very simple: Romanians have firmly voiced in favor of a European road for Romania despite the failed attempts to weaken the citizens’ confidence in the European project. Romanians have proved through the vote that any change starts with an aspiration (…) Romanians have sent a clear, pro-European message, they decided that Romania’s place is undoubtedly in the EU (…) and they have proved that they want to get actively involved in defending the rule of law”, president Iohannis told the International Civile Society Forum on Tuesday.

The Romanian head of state further pointed out that, through the EP elections, most of the EU citizens have understood which are the risks of nationalist and populist mainstreams.

The results of May 26 have confirmed that things can change in time, for the better, but only with a wide involvement of the citizens. And I expect citizens to be still involved! I urge them to have expectations from those whom they elected for the European Parliament, to monitor them and to immediately react to any action that is opposing the assumed engagements. At the same time, I expect the entire Romanian society to get involved, so that politicians could not ignore the result of the referendum and that it should be immediately enforced”, Iohannis said.

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