President Klaus Iohannis awarded the Charlemagne prize

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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is to be awarded the Charlemagne prize for 2020. The jury awarded Iohannis for being “an exceptional champion” in promoting European values and cooperation within the EU, according to

The Romanian president said he is honoured to receive this award.

The prize is awarded by Aachen city, western Germany, every year, to people who promote European values. The jury argued that the Romanian president “has led Romania with a great, successful commitment towards a pro-European, rule of law policy”. The jury added that this achievement is “one of the biggest progress of accession since 1989”.

According to the jury, Klaus Iohannis “is consolidating he European Union, is committing to reach his goals and to promote cooperation among the EU member states”.

The president of the Charlemagne price committee, Jurgen Linden, has told the press conference announcing the decision that this distinction is meant to encourage Klaus Iohannis to continue leading his country on the European path.

The jury pointed out that Romania, a country “going through disappointments in the relation with the West”, has become “the most European state in the SE Europe” due to Iohannis’ efforts.

Iohannis was praised for being “a great fighter for justice, to protect minorities and cultural diversity, as well as an important mediator and a bridge builder among European societies from East and West”.

The awarding ceremony is due in Aachen on May 21, 2020.

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