President Klaus Iohannis – British PM Theresa May talks on Brexit and Romanians in the UK

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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has had talks on Friday, in Brussels, with the British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss topics related to the bilateral and European agenda, as well as the Brexit, a release from the Presidency informs.

President Iohannis has expressed hope that the British Prime Minister’s efforts will conclude with the successful ratification, by the Parliament in London, of the withdrawal agreement from the European Union, which should ensure an orderly withdrawal and certainty to the citizens and the business environment. Equally, the discussions on the ratification process should consider all elements already agreed with the British Prime Minister in the withdrawal agreement, the release reads.

President Iohannis mentioned the situation of the Romanian community in Britain and that the withdrawal agreement will represent an important issue to guarantee the rights of those who live, work or study in this country. Equally, the President of Romania stressed the importance to observe the principles of nondiscrimination, full reciprocity and equal treatment for all EU citizens, both the beneficiaries of the withdrawal agreement and those who will settle in the future in Britain.

President Iohannis has also mentioned the importance of discussing, as soon as possible, the agreement on the future relations between the EU and the UK, as token of our commitment to maintain a high level of cooperation with the British party.

The President of Romania added that our country fully supports the EU’s approach for a comprehensive and ambitious partnership with the UK after its withdrawal from the Union, which should cover various fields, from economic and trade cooperation to foreign policy, security and defence.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has appreciated the opportunity of the dialogue with President Klaus Iohannis, including from the view of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU during Romania’s mandate as President of the EU Council, the Presidency release concludes.


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