President Klaus Iohannis loses thousands of “likes” on Facebook amid wave of negative comments over new PM-designate

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President Iohannis’ decision to accept the Social Democrat Party’s proposal for the PM seat and nominate MEP Viorica Dancila as the premier-designate has faced a wave of negative comments and critics on his Facebook page. Moreover, a lot of his fans decided to withdraw their “likes”.

Weakness and opportunism, cowardice and demands are not matching, Mr. President. You betrayed Romanians, out of a mean reckoning. To crown all, you’ll discover too late that you have judged all wrong, for voters see and fine Pharisee attitudes,” reads one of the hundred negative messages flooding the Romanian President’s Facebook account.

Another user writes: “Since you are President, it has been one single moment when I felt I haven’t voted you for nothing, in January 2017, when you joined protesters in the street. As for the rest, the same message: <I am concerned>. I would like to announce you that we, those who voted you, are desperate, we have overcome the concern stage in December 2016. Your <Concern> that is related to the quick designation of a prime minister to avoid <instability> just seems ridiculous considering the country has been ruled for a year by a gang of guys whose only preoccupation is to make laws which should escape them from prison and allow them to steal without negative consequences. This is the real instability, to further allow these guys who have no vision and technical and administrative know how that is needed in a government/parliament to stay in power. If we hadn’t had a parliament and a government in the last year, I think the country would have been more stable than it is now. So, stop being “worried”, just “act!”.

Around 100 users have withdrawn their likes to the President’s page in just 15 minutes, and over 3,300 in 24 hours.

It is not the first time that Klaus Iohannis is facing such a situation. In mid-February 2016, he lost around 2,200 Facebook fans after he had previously stated that the freedom of speech cannot be suppressed for “banal administrative grounds”, slamming ANAF’s “heave-ho approach” when levying on Intact media trust’s assets.

Former president Traian Basescu, now PMP chairman, said on Wednesday night that by designating Viorica Dancila as PM, Klaus Iohannis has jeopardized his second presidential term. “In my view, he has won nothing. Iohannis has not won the second mandate as president today, on the contrary. By the ease he designated the lady from Teleorman, Iohannis is jeopardizing his second term as president,” Basescu told B1 TV private broadcaster.

More reactions from the political parties are available here.

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