President Klaus Iohannis – talks with Ludovic Orban and Vasile Blaga, sources say. What has Iohannis asked the Liberals?

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President Klaus Iohannis met Tuesday evening, at Cotroceni Palace, Liberal leader Ludovic Orban in order to discuss the latest tensions in the party. Political sources say that the meeting was also attended by liberals Vasile Blaga, Alina Gorghiu, Iulian Dumitrescu and Cristian Busoi.

Sources quoted by, say that the main topic of discussions was the candidacy of Klaus Iohannis for a second term as President. The head of state requested the Liberals to stand united in the period before the presidential election in 2019.

President Klaus Iohannis wants to clarify some disagreements within the PNL, reason for which he might participate to the party’s National Council meeting, informs.

According to sources participating in the meeting, the head of state has reminded those present that currently there is no PNL leader who has more than the party’s score, and therefore invited them to leave the backstage games aside, to work together and to avoid coming up with proposals that could affect the unity of the party.

On the other hand, sources quoted by, said that “a meeting took place for consultations and coordination between the President of Romania and the PNL leadership. The meeting took place Tuesday afternoon. It is only normal that such meetings take place from time to time. Important issues were on the agenda, such as the political developments, about the preparations for the National Council to take place on Saturday.”

The PNL Standing Bureau on Monday took place under tensions, as leader Ludovic Orban proposed the amendment of the party statute, in order to make the dismissal of branch leaders easier. Sources claim that the intention is to get rid of the heads of organisations who want an extraordinary congress to replace Orban from the party helm.

Many liberals oppose the amending of the statute. After three ballot rounds, the proposal was voted with 32 votes for, 17 against and 6 abstentions.

The National Political Bureau on Saturday will vote the agenda for the PNL National Council, and is expected that the issue of amending the party statute to be eliminated. Thus, the topic would be postponed for at least a month, political sources say.

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