President Klaus Iohannis urges Romanians to vote on the May 26 referendum

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President Klaus Iohannis has changed the picture on his Facebook page, the new one showing the head of state while near a ballot box, with a voting-paper in his hand. The message is: “#referendum26mai Decide pentru viitorul tău! Votează!” (#referendum26may Decide your future! Go to vote!).

On April 25, President Iohannis singed the decree to organize the referendum on May 26, on the same day with the vote for European Parliament.

The two questions of the referendum on judicial issues are: “Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds?” and “Do you agree the ban against the Government emergency ordinances in the field of corruption crimes, correlated with extending the right to challenge the GEOs directly to the Constitutional Court?”

In a subsequent press conference, Iohannis said PSD is politicizing the referendum, through the abuses and the attack on justice. He warned that PSD might boycott the referendum. He stressed that the turnout is very important and that, only after Romanians say they don’t agree with the Social Democrats, there will be “a mandate” that could be used against them.

President Klaus Iohannis said at the time: “After two years of abuses and excesses, Romanians have the chance to give a clear answer to this ruling. They have the chance to say what they think about PSD and about the Social Democrat offensive against judiciary. The Social Democrats voted the Criminal Codes without taking anyone into account! They give laws for themselves so that they keep stealing undisturbed! They are not afraid if anyone. I think they should be afraid of the Romanians’ vote on May 26!”


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