President lashes out against PSD, explains the idea of a referendum

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated in Sinaia on Saturday that he had started to re-evaluate the idea of a referendum in order „to give back the vote to Romanians”, as this is the only way citizens can show they don’t agree at all „with the manner PSD is ruining the justice laws”.

I want a referendum organised together with the civil society and with the political parties of good will”, the head of state pointed out during the ceremony gala of the National Liberal Youth organisation. The Liberal young members have awarded Klaus Iohannis with the prize as guarantor of democracy.

„In order to give the vote back to the Romanians, I started to re-assess the idea of a referendum because it is the only way Romanians can still show they do not agree anymore with the manner in which PSD is ruining the justice laws, and is mocking the country and the Romanians! I invited many Romanians to have consultations on the referendum topic, for I want a well thought, well organised referendum , in partnership with the civil society, with Romanians and with political parties of good will,” the Romanian president stated.

At the same time, Klaus Iohannis has launched new criticism against PSD rule, not only against the current one, but against „the entire PSD rule” of the past years. „Because of PSD, Romania could not grow more and better. This cannot happen anymore!”.

Does Romania need a guarantor of democracy? I think it does. Why? We have a Constitution, a political class, an independent justice, we have many Romanians who enjoy we are living in democracy now, they want to keep it that way and move on (…) If that party and that government start ruining the foundations of the state, start amending the justice laws in order to whiten their own files. Then, my dear ones, we are in the situation we are now and that problem is called PSD,” Iohannis argued.

He further explained the tool of the referendum is also a vote and is good to render Romanians their voice back.

The basic rule of democracy is to hold elections, but that means that the elected to rule must be of good faith, to rule for the country’s sake, not for his own interest, and when we see things are not like this, then ordinary citizens must receive a tool to voice their disagreement.

This tool is also a vote. Nobody wants to use undemocratic methods to sanction PSD’s undemocratic conduct. We are talking here about the entire PSD ruling since the Revolution to the present day. That entire PSD ruling has failed, it because of it that Romania has not developed more and better. Meanwhile, Romanians realized this cannot happen anymore. Now we are able to show this cannot happen anymore,” Iohannis said.

PSD spokeswoman: “Iohannis’d better look in the mirror when talking about corrupt”

In retort, PSD new spokesperson, former Labour minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, has recommended the President “to look himself in the mirror when talking about corrupt people”, arguing PSD has focused on the citizens’ problems from the start of their ruling.

„As for the corrupt, I recommend Klaus Iohannis to look in the mirror: he will see how a person with 40 criminal files looks like and who took house by fraud that has been proved in courts,” Vasilescu argued.


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