President launches new calls on citizens, on entrepreneurs

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President Klaus Iohannis has launched a nee call on citizens to protect the most vulnerable people to the novel Coronavirus: the elderly. In a press statement on Monday, after a meeting he had with the PM and the ministers, Iohannis urged Romanians to respect the time frame from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs, which is destined for elderly to go out shopping.

“Unfortunately we have almost 2,000 cases of COVID-19 in Romania today. Dear Romanians, it is very much already and together we must strive more, better to limit the virus’ spread. We need to respect the authorities’ indications more and better. Don’t forget, do not meet other people, and if it’s mandatory, avoid all physical contact. Don’t shake hands, don’t hug each other, keep your distance! We must limit the spread together, especially for the most vulnerable categories, who are those over 65, as doctors and experts say”, said the head of state.

“(…) So, dear Romanians, allow pensioners go shopping from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs! We have the rest of the day for that”, he added.

Message to entrepreneurs

The President has also called on businessmen who can provide their help in the COVID-19 crisis, telling them to be proactive and come up with ideas for the rulers, if they can produce materials and equipment necessary during this period.

“Protective materials are hardly found these days anywhere in the world. It’s a real problem (…) I am addressing to our entrepreneurs: be proactive! Come up with ideas for the rulers, for we are interested to promote the Romanian products mainly during this period! It is a very good opportunity for the Romanian business environment”, Iohannis said.

The president added that productions had already started in Romania for various protective equipment, surgical masks or jumpsuits, revealing the intention of some local producers to adjust their production lines in order to start the production for ventilators and respirators.

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