President lobbies for mayors elected in two rounds. PSD, UDMR threatened with censure motion

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President Klaus Iohannis has said on Monday that he wants mayors to be elected in two rounds and that if the draft laws under the Parliament’s debate fail, then the Government’s taking responsibility would be “a reasonable approach.”

I want mayors to be elected in two rounds. I would like a partnership between central administration, through the government and the local administration, through mayors. We have to go back to electing mayors in two rounds. If the parliament fails to pass the bills, then it would be a reasonable approach for the government to take responsibility before the Parliament,” Iohannis said while attending the General Assembly of the Cities Association in Romania.

Asked about the situation in Bucharest, the President said: “Bucharest is not a well-planned city”.

Deputy PM Raluca Turcan also said on Monday that, in case the draft law on electing mayors in two rounds fails in Parliament, then the Government will take other measures.

On the other hand, PSD and UDMR, which are not favored by potential two-round local elections, threatened the Orban Cabinet with a censure motion.

The leader of UDMR deputies, Attila Korodi had previously announced the Union will endorse a potential censure motion against the Executive if Orban Cabinet issues a GEO on electing mayors in two rounds and assumes responsibility on it.

PSD interim president Marcel Ciolacu had said on Sunday that they will file a no-confidence vote in case of such an ordinance.

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