President lobbies for Romania’s receiving as many funds as possible under the new EU budget

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While attending the European Council’s video conference on Friday, Romania President Klaus Iohannis  has lobbied for Romania’s needs to receive the largest possible allocations under the cohesion and rural development policy, within the future EU budget. The meeting of the EU leaders focused on the future budget of the European Union under the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027 and on the EU’s recovery plan to tackled the Coronavirus economic crisis.

President Klaus Iohannis stated has reaffirmed Romania’s support for on reaching a final agreement on the future multiannual budget of the Union as soon as possible, pointing out that this budget should be substantial, balanced and able to address member states’ concerns.

Romania’s main goal is to obtain the highest possible allocations for both the cohesion policy and for agriculture, to ensure the fulfillment of our country’s main development objectives. The Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy are the most important investment tools of the Union that can provide quick and efficient solutions to the current crisis situation,” said the same release.

As far as the cohesion policy is concerned, the head of state insisted both for Romania to receive the largest possible allocations and for a more flexible and simplified framework for this policy, adjusted to the investment priorities of our country. He also pleaded for the maintenance of co-financing and pre-financing rates for the current financial period 2014-2020, including of the disengagement rule of n+3 years.

In terms of Common Agricultural Policy, President Iohannis endorsed the increase in allocations for rural development, while also lobbying for the continuing external convergence of direct payments, so that the amounts received by Romanian farmers from the Union budget should get near the Western Europe’s ones. President Iohannis has also endorsed the removal of the mandatory nature of the mechanism for capping direct payments.

The head of state welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to set up a new and independent health programme – EU4Health, as well as the proposal to increase the European Union budget for the RescEU tool, amid the COVID-19 crisis.

On the economic recovery package, the Romanian head of state underlined that all member states need financial support in this process of economic recovery.

“President Klaus Iohannis believes that it is necessary to ensure rapid and efficient access to financing for all  EU countries, in order to enable them to curb the significant damage caused by this crisis. The President of Romania stressed that, for our country, the prevalence of the grant component in the total allocation for economic recovery is very important, as well as an extended period in terms of the implementation of the new economic recovery instrument,” reads a Presidential Administration press release.

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