President of the Constitutional Court runs for an ECJ judge position

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President of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Augustin Zegrean is running for a judge position within the European Court of Justice (ECJ). He is to take part in the interview on Tuesday. 11 candidates from Romania are running for this position.

Augustin Zegrean was appointed judge at the Constitutional Court in July 2007 by former president Basescu, for a nine-year period. He is the president of the Constitutional Court since June 2010. Along with Zegrean, Gheorghe Buta, Valeriu Ciuc?, Ruxandra Costache, Ana-Claudia Costea (Moarc??), Mircea Criste, Constantin-Virgil Ivan-Cucu, Laura Mihaela Ivanovici, Octavia Spineanu-Matei, Camelia Toader ?i Drago? Constantin Târ?ia are also contending for the ECJ judge position.

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