President Oks 13 ambassadors

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President Klaus Iohannis on Friday signed the decrees appointing 13 Romania’s ambassadors, reads a Presidential Administration press release.

The 13 Romanian envoys are Mihai Ciompec, ambassador to Korea, Nicolae Comanescu, ambassador to Jordan, Gabriel Gafita, ambassador to Peru, Nicolaie Goia, ambassador to Pakistan, Dan Iancu, ambassador to Azerbaijan, Tatiana Svetalana Iosiper, ambassador to Japan, Monica Mihaela Stirbu, ambassador to Chile, Oana-Cristina Popa, ambassador to Serbia, Gentiana Serbu, ambassador to Cuba, Mihai Stefan Stuparu, ambassador to Egypt, Vlad Vasiliu, ambassador to Switzerland, Lilian Zamfiroiu, ambassador to Luxembourg and Liviu-Petru Zapirtan, ambassador to Vatican.

In June the joint foreign affairs committees in Parliament Okayed the ambassador proposals.

The ambassador accredited to Luxembourg, Lilian Zamfiroiu, was head of the Romanian Cultural Institute. He was proposed at the ICR helm by the Social Democrat Party, after he had previously had the diplomatic rank of councilor minister and deputy head of the Romanian ambassador to UNESCO in Paris. Zamfiroiu admitted in an interview in 2013 that he had given information to Securitate, the former communist secret police in Romania. He told that he had given the intelligence officers information about the foreign professors teaching at the university, but said he hadn’t signed any commitment.

Liviu-Petru Zapirtan, sent to represent Romania to the Holy See, was professor at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj, also teaching at universities in Malta, Nice. Warsaw. He was also ambassador to Luxembourg during 1995-2000.

Vlad Vasiliul, former general consul in Bonn, is going now to Switzerland. Vasiliu was consul in Munich as well and also worked at the Romania’s embassy in Vienna as second and third secretary.

Mihai Stefan Stuparu accredited in Egypt has been ambassador to Qatar and Iraq.

Romania sent Gentiana Serbu in Cuba. She has been general consult in Cahul, Republic of Moldova, while former ambassador to Croatia, Oana-Cristina Popa was now accredited to Serbia.

Monica Mihaela Stirbu, former consul in Bilbao and Sevilla, was sent in Chile, and Tatiana Svetlana Iosiper was accredited to Japan.

Dan Iancu, former director for relations with Republic of Moldova within Romania’s Foreign Ministry, was accredited to Azerbaijan, while ex-deputy director of the Foregn Intelligence Service (SIE), Niculaie Goia, was sent to Pakistan.

Romania’s former ambassador to Canada and Portugal, Gabriel Gafita is going now to Peru. Nicolae Comanescu, former diplomatic adviser at Romania’s permanent mission to UN, was accredited to Jordan. Mihai Ciompec, former charge d’affaires in Germany was sent to Korea.

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