President on the record number of COVID-19 cases: Concerning situation, more restrictive measures are considered if it gets worse

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President Klaus Iohannis has asked the Parliament to debate as a matter of urgency the law that clarifies the quarantine and isolation in Romania. In a press statement after visiting the Cantacuzino Institute this afternoon, the Romanian President said that ‘today is a sad day’ a,s there is a record number of coronavirus infections.

Iohannis said that the blame for that is divided among citizens and authorities, adding that the situation is concerning and if it gets worse, restrictions could be reinforced.

According to the head of state, the medical system is coping, but we are dangerously heading to the upper limit of the intensive care capacity and this is why we have to be very careful. Iohannis has made a new call on citizens to observe the rules: “The virus is not confined to borders. We have the most important instrument to protect ourselves – our consciousness.”

Iohannis argued that measures simple: face mask and social distancing.

We have to be very careful to what others say, as, instead of all being on the same side during this period, instead of the politicians endorsing the Government, we see politicians who try to exploit this pandemic electorally. It is a wrong way (…) It is time to put political divergences aside and to focus on the solutions that are absolutely necessary during this time. In this regard, I urge the Parliament to debate as a matter of urgency the law that clarifies quarantine and isolation to give back to the authorities this very important instrument during pandemic.”

The President added that it’s neither time to despair, nor to let the guard down. “The virus disregards the borders or laws, but we have the most important instrument to protect ourselves: our consciousness. Don’t think that if we go to the mountains or at the seaside we get rid of the virus. The virus is coming with us. Let’s respect the guidelines of the specialists in order to get through this difficult time. We must be aware of what we want- we all want to resume our normal life, but it’s not possible yet. We are still during the pandemic. On the other hand, we cannot close the country and leave. If we want our economy to move on, to be able to go on vacation, we must observe these rules”, Iohannis stated.

Local elections possible in September if we obey the rules

Referring to the local elections set on September 27, the President said they can still be organised on this established date if we obey some rules.

“It’s not the even itself the problem, the campaign is. We’ll probably have more online and TV campaigns. It is a challenge for politicians, too, but the voting procedure itself can be held if all norms are observed. The current situation is concerning. If it gets worse, we might come back to more restrictive measures”, he concluded.

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