President on the vaccination campaign: All is organized properly, if we mobilize we’ll get rid of the pandemic by summer

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated at the Cantacuzino Institute today that “all is done by-the-book”, and the vaccination campaign will kick off right after Christmas after Romania gets the first symbolical tranche of 10,000 doses of the anti-Covid vaccines. Iohannis said that 100,000 tranches per week will reach Romania as of January.

There is a totally new room for the vaccines as it needs to be stored at low temperatures, there is a flow for the vaccines, for the staff, it’s all by-the-book. This container (photo) is a sample, but it can be quickly replicated to reach the areas where there is no other possibility”, said the head of state.

The President reiterated that the entire medical staff in Romania will be vaccinated in the first instance, while the essential staff working in strategic sectors will get the vaccine in the second stage.

“We estimate that the population will start being vaccinated as of March, April. It is important to know that vaccination is not mandatory, is voluntary, no one is compelled, but we recommend all to get vaccinated, for vaccination is the only way to get rid of the pandemic. We’ll have different types of vaccines, they are all very good, they are all authorized at the highest European standards. They are all efficient and safe. And, in this way, if we are getting mobilized and go to have the vaccine, we’ll probably get rid of this pandemic by summer”, he pointed out.

The first doses of the BioNTech  – Pfizer vaccine are expected to reach Romania during December 26-31, 2020. The first 10,000 doses of the first symbolical tranche will go to those 10 hospitals of infectious diseases in the country to vaccinate the medical staff.

Overall, Romania has asked vaccines to immunize 11 million people. The vaccine is administered in 2 doses, at an interval of 21 days.
“Stay home with the family on Christmas and New Year, restrictions remain in force”
President Iohannis also referred to the upcoming winter holidays, calling on Romanians to celebrate Christmas and New Year at home, with the family, arguing that restrictions remain in force and it’s mandatory to observe them:
“I noticed that many are interested to know what it will be on Christmas and New Year. I can tell you that all existing restrictions remain in place both on Christmas and on New Year. But these restrictions are not optional, they are mandatory! It is in the interest of any Romanian to observe these restrictions for a simple reason: to avoid he/she, his child or parent from ending up in hospital. These measures are designed to protect ourselves from the disease. For those who still don’t understand they will have the unpleasant surprise to be fined. Yet I think that most Romanians understand the purpose of these restrictions, of the face masks, of the social distancing (…) If you want to be well on Christmas and New Year, stay home with your family”.

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  1. Terry says

    The President and his sidekicks look like a pack of gangsters.
    They have let down the people and cost thousands of lives by sitting on their hands and putting economics and profit before citizens.
    The economic disaster is going to happen, and will be far worse than if they had locked down the country early.
    But they chose popular decisions before elections to retain power, instead of humanitarian decisions.

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