President, PM slam the censure motion. PNL, USR to boycott the session

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President Klaus Iohannis has delivered a message to MPs on Monday before the vote on the PSD’s censure motion, asking  the lawmakers “regardless of their parties or political orientation” to not become accomplices “to an irresponsible action”. Iohannis has criticised the PSD’s action to topple down the Liberal Cabinet, accusing it of putting at risk “the efficient countering of the COVID-19 epidemic”.

“In the most difficult time for Romania, PSD wants to throw the country into chaos in order to seize the power at any cost”, the Romanian head of state said, adding that PSD is totally against the Romanians’ interests and its only aim is to get to the public resources.

“The cynicism with which this party that is totally ripped of the Romanians’ interests is pursuing its only aim to reach the public resources again proves with no doubt that PSD is fundamentally corrupt by the hunger for power and that it cannot be reformed, no matter who is leading it”, Iohannis added, calling on MPs to vote against the motion, regardless of the political party where they come from.

In his turn, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that the National Liberal Party (PNL) lawmakers would not participate in the parliamentary debate on the motion of censure, but the government would be present, arguing that the motion was unconstitutional.

Today we are showing up for a motion of censure, even if it is an unconstitutional procedure and it is taking place; we will have to be present in Parliament as a government. Of course the political position is very clear, that as lawmakers we do not participate in this cyanide potion that sits outside the Constitution, but as government we will have to be present, so at 14:00hrs we will have to show up for the motion,” Orban said at the start of a government meeting.

The censure motion tabled by the Social Democrat Party is voted today, August 31, the last day of the  extraordinary session of the Parliament.

USR, too, has announced its MPs would boycott the parliamentary session that is voting the motion.

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