President recommends citizens to wear face masks everywhere, yet no need for the state of emergency

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While visiting the National Public Health Institute amid the alarming rise of COVID-19 infections in the past days, President Klaus Iohannis said that there is no need to reimpose the state of emergency, as restrictions can be enforced punctually by the local authorities where there is a high number of coronavirus cases.

The head of state added that there will be discussions on the compulsion to wear face masks, recommending citizens to wear protective masks everywhere they go when they go out.

“I recommend you to wear the face mask all the time when you go out. It is good we wear the face mask indoors and outdoors. There are many rumours with the state of emergency scarecrow. The intention is to not get back to the state of emergency. There is no need for the state of emergency to wear face masks,” the President said.

Iohannis also said that events gathering large numbers, like weddings or christening parties should be restricted.

The Romanian president said that the request for the Government is to provide more seats in the intensive care units. “We’ll do our best to prevent the healthcare system from entering a critical stage. Concrete solutions are needed. Intensive care units will be extended, where it is possible. Yet I don’t want us to get to a point where there are intensive care beds but there is no human resource. Decisions must be taken wisely, the human resource must be carefully managed”, he argued.

As for closing schools, Iohannis mentioned that this decision must not be exaggerated. “Children are safe in schools. Of course, when there are cases inside schools, there is no other option but to close the unit. But restrictions must be taken where there are no solutions left. Children must go to school”, the head of state stressed.

Bacau has been the first Romanian city that decided today that all schools in town will be closed as of Monday for 14 days and classes will be exclusively online. At the same time, locals are compelled to wear face masks in all public spaces, and people suspect of COVID-19 are compelled to self-isolate until they get the results of the test.

In Bucharest 17 schools and high schools have entered the red scenario as of Friday, meaning that physical classes are suspended for 2 weeks and students will have online courses.

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