President: Restrictions are inevitable. No need to shut down the entire country, only local actions

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Amid growing cases of COVID-19 infections in Romania, President Klaus Iohannis said in a press statement that restrictions are inevitable and “the sooner they are taken, the better”. He also warned that “the upcoming months will not be easy”.

“Romania has seen in the past week the highest rise in the number of Covid infections since the start of the pandemic. There are extremely concerning figures also in terms of deaths, and regarding the patients in intensive care.

The current trend is of accelerated increase of infection rate which can lead to overcrowded hospitals, of intensive care units and, unfortunately, to a high death toll.

Under these circumstances, restrictions are inevitable. The sooner they are enforced and observed, the better they will produce effects and they will be lifted again.

The situation is complicated.

The health systems have been subdued to great pressures, doctors have made huge efforts. I convey a special message of gratitude and appreciation to the medical staff in Romania. Doctors deserve our respect, we trust our doctors,” Iohannis said.

He added that the next months will not be easy at all, but voiced confidence that together “we’ll face this crisis”.

“It is not just a fight of the medical system, it is a fight in which we all have a huge responsibility. No matter how much we want it, the epidemiological situation does not allow us to get back to the normality before the pandemic. The higher the number of sick people and deaths is, the more we are drifting apart from this long expected moment. It is up to the conscience of each of us to win this unprecedented battle”, the head of state pointed out.

Klaus Iohannis added that there is no need “to close down the entire country” if the number of COVID infection are not declining, but there will be only local actions.

“The strategy is clear: we’ll take actions at local and regional level. There is no need to close down the entire country. There are different situations in various localities. We have localities and villages where there is almost no case of infections.”

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