President reveals the two questions for the referendum on justice. Iohannis calls on Romanians to come to polls. “PSD will try to boycott referendum”


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President Klaus Iohannis has announced today the two questions that Romanians are called to answer at the referendum on justice due May 26, on the same day with the European elections.

The Presidency’s spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi said the two questions for the referendum are:

“Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds?” and “Do you agree the ban against the Government emergency ordinances in the field of corruption crimes, correlated with extending the right to challenge the GEOs directly to the Constitutional Court?

The voters can answer with “Yes” or “No”.

Later on in the evening, President Iohannis had press statement, in which he called on Romanians to come to polls to vote Yes for the referendum’s questions and for the European elections, while assuring that this vote does matter. “I want to see who is with me for a European Romania, for a fair justice”, the head of state underlined.

Klaus Iohannis also said that PSD will try to boycott the referendum on justice and that the turnout is important. Only after Romanians say they don’t agree with the Social Democrats, there will be “a mandate” that could be used against them.

The first question- Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for the corrupt? YES! I agree and I hope in your agreement, as well, for we want a clean society, a performing society in the 21st century, a European society for Romania.

The second question-Do you agree the ban against the Government emergency ordinances in the field of corruption crimes? YES! We want a ruling for Romanians, a performing, European ruling.

We have elections for the European Parliament, we have a referendum for Europe, but we have much more than that. This referendum is more important today, more than ever”, Iohannis said.

After two years of abuses and excesses, Romanians have the chance to give a clear answer to this ruling. They have the chance to say what they think about PSD and about the Social Democrat offensive against judiciary.

The Social Democrats voted the Criminal Codes without taking anyone into account! They give laws for themselves so that they keep stealing in peace!

They are not afraid if anyone. I think they should be afraid of the Romanians’ vote on May 26!”

The President stressed that this referendum is not just consultative. “Some say that this referendum is just consultative, that it would not have any results, for the Parliament might not consider it. I don’t agree! A referendum sends a signal and this referendum will give a very important signal. The people’s vote does matter and this vote will be taken into account!”.

The head of state also pointed out that if Romanians are coming to vote and say they don’t agree PSD, then they would have a mandate to act. “Immediately, the very next day! My dear ones, the referendum is the start of a wider process, which is starting now, with the EP elections, it continues in the autumn with the presidential elections, in the next spring with the local elections and it ends at then end of next year, with the parliamentary elections,” he emphasized.

Iohannis said that PSD will surely try, by any means, to boycott this referendum, telling people that it doesn’t matter, that there are technical issues.

It does matter! It doesn’t matter what PSD is saying. It matters what you want, the Romanians who are going to vote!“, the president argued.

President Iohannis also denied he is politicising the referendum, saying PSD is the one that is politicising it, “through abuses, through the continuous attack against the justice”.

I will be accused of campaigning, but it’s normal, to campaign for Romania, not for something else! (…) Numerous mistakes have been made in the past two year, PSD has taken numerous wrong approaches. They have fought against justice, against the Opposition, against multinational companies, against Europe.

I, the President of Romania, will campaign against these abuses! I will campaign against these decisions for it is the duty of any honest, patriot, pro-European man, of any good Romanian, who is concerned about the future of the country, to campaign for a better Romania! I will get involved! Dear Romanians, I wait for you at the referendum! Happy Easter holidays!,” the President concluded.


The Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania (UDMR) has been the first political party to react on the announced questions for the referendum. UDMR President Kelemen Hunor considers the question very simple and easy for everyone, adding the Union agrees on them. The UDMR leader has recommended people to come to polls and vote “yes” on both questions.

PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos has also urged people to come to vote for the referendum, arguing the parliament must get a clear messages from the citizens.

The anti-corruption must not be stopped. This Parliament must get a clear message from the citizens that all that has happened for two years is not representing them and is harming the country. We have asked and waited for this referendum for two years. It is good the president took this decision. The questions addressed to the Romanians must give them the opportunity to voice over the anti-justice measures taken by PSD-ALDE as a whole, including on the amendments operated over the Criminal Codes in Parliament yesterday”, Ciolos stated, while urging voters to come to polls: “Come to vote! Come to the referendum! Let’s prove what the Romanian citizens really are and what they can do”.

Ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has sent an official press release, saying that the questions addressed by President Klaus Iohannis for the referendum of May 26 do not answer any controversy in the society and that the action itself represents an unjustified expense from the tax payers’ money.

PSD agrees with the questions, so there is a quasi-unanimous consent over them, as they answer no controversy within the society. Under these circumstances, the referendum required by the president seems useless and will most probably represent an unjustified expense from the tax payers’ money”, reads the PSD stance.

The secretary general of the ruling PSD, Codrin Ştefănescu had previously stated that, through the questions to be addressed at the referendum, President Klaus Iohannis “is making fun of the Romanians”.

He hasn’t even deigned to come out in person to announced them. So much for the importance of the questions. Iohannis and Ciolos are contradicting each other, for the Ciolos Government has adopted the GEO. Left does not know what right is doing. We saw they have no ruling programme, they don’t have solutions to the Romanians’ problems” , Stefănescu told Antena 3.

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