President: Romania is facing the tragedy of the first deaths. Critical weeks ahead

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated in a press statement on Monday that Romania had entered the second week of emergency state due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that our country is facing the tragedy of the first deaths due to the novel Coronavirus.

Our country is facing the tragic situation of the first deaths. All data show that the new Coronavirus can affect old people. Dear pensioners, don’t expose yourselves to a huge risk for nothing, restrict your going out. It is the only way of protection. Maintaining social distancing is the way to get us through (…) Let’s take good care of our parents and grandparents remotely”, the head of state said.

He added that critical weeks are ahead of us, which will put all the state capacities to a hard test.

“Now it is time to be strong and solidary. The true force of a nation is to take care of one another, by strictly respecting the rules. By staying home, we help doctors provide assistance to those who really need it. Let’s be responsible and let’s not contribute to the extension of a hard time for everybody”, the President pointed out.

Iohannis further said “it’s not time for political vendetta”. “To try now to earn political capital is proving a horrible cynicism”.

“The severity of the situation is unprecedented and we must join forces. The discrimination against vulnerable citizens is inadmissible. I can assure you the state is doing all its best to overcome this situation. The restrictions have been enforced gradually so far. Any restriction of the rights is deeply grieving. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s necessary to protect the Romanians’ health. We are facing an unprecedented situation. We shall not stop and we’ll enforce even tougher measures to limit the transmission of the virus,President Iohannis said.

The head of state added that there will be further economic measures to help the affected businesses. “All fiscal and economic tools at hand, all resources will be put in the Romanians’ service, to help companies that are going through dramatic moments now“, he argued.

In the end, Iohannis called again for generosity and solidarity. “It’s during the watershed moments that we are revealing who we really are. It’s time for altruism and generosity, I believe in the Romanians, I know that only united we can make it through”.

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