President sends message urging Romanians to go to polls “Only by your vote we’ll get rid of PSD”

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President Klaus Iohannis has sent a video message on Friday, on the day when Romanians from Diaspora started to vote in the presidential election, urging Romanians to come to polls. “Only by your categorical vote, we’ll get rid for good of this harmful phenomenon that hasn’t allowed Romania to grow more and better in the past 30 years”, Iohannis said in a Facebook post.

Starting today, for three days, Romanians abroad are voting in the presidential election! Dear Romanians, come to the polls for our country badly needs each of you, wherever you might be. In 2016, low turnout has brought PSD back to power, they have been the most harmful ruling in the post-Revolution history, a ruling against Romanians. So, vote wisely, thinking about your future and Romania’s! Together we’ll build a normal country! I wait for you at the polls“, reads the President’s message.

He thanked Romanians for their vote at the Referendum and EP elections on May 26, “for blocking PSD from destroying Romania and its European path”. “Yet, the fight goes on”.

Klaus Iohannis is running for a second term at Cotroceni Palace, endorsed by the National Liberal Party (PNL).

Iohannis attended a last meeting with the Liberals’ electoral campaign, before the first round of presidential election. In his speech, he asked for the Romanians’ vote to rebuild Romania. Iohannis asked Romanians to go to polls in high numbers, arguing “PSD is still a formidable adversary”.

“Let’s not delude ourselves. PSD is not gone. PSD has been removed from power, but it remains a formidable adversary. PSD is still a big party. And to get Romania out of PSD you need to convince Romanians to go to vote”, Iohannis told his campaign staff.


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