President slams again the Government’s fiscal shilly-shally

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President Iohannis has slammed again the Government’s oscillations on the tax on turnover, initially endorsed and then abandoned.

If new notions are introduced in the public debate by a coalition that has majority in Parliament, and if one day they are promoted, the next day are withdrawn, it’s a serious political error. This majority has the parliamentary capacity to promote the legislation amendment, investors react to such thing,” the President said on Tuesday.

I would very warmly recommend the Social Democrats to go home, judge their own programme a little bit and when they know what they want they should come in front of the nation and say it,” he added.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose has announced on Monday that the tax on turnover will not be enforced, mentioning that other means will be found so that the economic players ‘who believe they are smarter that the state, are no longer so confident.’

“We are not going to enforce the tax on turnover. I was a little bit too eager and I told you in Brussels that I have seen the simulations and I’ve decided they cannot be implemented. I made this decision on the basis of discussions and the documents provided by the Finance Minister Ionut Misa. I made the decision on the plane, three hours we discussed and talked about this. Today I submitted to the coalition the arguments on which I have made the decision and I urge you to consider this subject closed,” PM Tudose said.

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