President slams Capital prefect over ignorance towards Covid incidence rate. Gov’t expected to sack him

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After having stated a day ago that he doesn’t know which is the incidence rate of Covid-19 infections as he “is shopping”, Bucharest prefect Gheorghe Cojanu is on the verge of losing his job.

The Government is expected to adopt a resolution to dismiss the prefect in its Wednesday sitting, with sources revealing that Traian Berbeceanu, the current adviser of Interior Minister Vela, is to be appointed as the Capital prefect.

Gheorghe Cojanu made some confusing statements at Digi24 on Sunday evening regarding the incidence rate of infections in Bucharest and regarding the possibility of decision making in the red scenario.

He practically did not know the updates of the coronavirus epidemic and the precise number of Covid infections in Bucharest, not even ten hours after the public information had been released.

Gheorghe Cojanu argued he was shopping on Sunday and that’s why he did not see the Government’s official balance sheet on the number of infections and death rate due to the coronavirus.

In a press statement on Monday evening, president Klaus Iohannis himself has criticized the prefect’s stance.

“It is not understood that, although we have seen the growing number of cases on a daily basis, there was no coherent plan in the Capital, which should be clearly communicated, so that the residents should be prepared. The Capital prefect’s attitude and the way he reacted are unacceptable and should not remain without consequences”, the Romanian president said.

Iohannis said that the pressure on the hospitals and on the intensive care units had reached huge peaks. “This cannot go on anymore. We must take decisive actions now. Dear Romanians, we have been fighting a battle for our health and life for months. We managed to massively reduce the infection curve in the spring. I am convinced we can do it again”, the head of state underlined.

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