President slams Gov’t again on African swine fever outbreak, budgetary rectification

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President Klaus Iohannis has accused the Government of accrediting fake topics, which condition some essential expenses on the budgetary rectification, such as the pensions payment and the drugs acquisition.

Iohannis made a new call to the Executive to find solutions to stop the expansion of the African swine fever, accusing the Government has allotted no money from the Government’s reserve to fight the African swine fever, thus contradicting Finance minister’s statements that money has been allotted. Iohannis further stated that it would be reckless that this reserve fund should reach zero, considering it is permanently filled, not only through budgetary rectifications.

Amid crisis generated by the growing expansion of the African swine fever virus and following the latest statements of the members of the Government, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis warn over the mandatory responsibilities that the government authorities have to bring the situation under control so that the ASFV outbreak should be blocked in the other counties than the ones directly affected so far,” reads a press release issued by the Presidency on Friday.

The President also asked the Gov’t to compensate the population and affected producers as soon as possible, by setting up evaluation commissions that should keep track of the statistics and damages.

The Finance minister says the reserve fund is empty as the funds have been spent on other calamity situations, including for the African swine fever epidemic. Actually, the expenses the Gov’t has made from the reserve are zero. No document can be identified to certify that any small sum has been allotted to tackle ASFV crisis,” the President argues.

The Presidency accused the Government of „accrediting fake topics, which are conditioning the budgetary rectification on some essential expenses, such as the payment of the pensions and the acquisition of medicines”.

The defective and reckless way in which the Reserve Fund has been managed has prompted this crisis situation today. It is not possible that the Government members accredit fake topics which are conditioning the budgetary rectification on some essential expenses. This approach represents just a cynical exercise of manipulating the public opinion, out of which PSD has made a real ruling manner,” the press release says.

In President Iohannis’ view, the blame for the critical budgetary situation of the Government entirely belongs to the ministers who have not been able since early this year to make correct assessments on the funds managed by their ministries.

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