President slams Interior Ministry for poor reaction in Caracal and August 10 cases

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President Klaus Iohannis has attended the activity report meeting of the Interior Ministry (MAI), saying that the ministry’s activity in the past years has proved certain deficiencies in such cases as Caracal or the August 10 Diaspora rally. The head of state underscored that the Interior Ministry has the duty to make a self-assessment in order to identify the measures to remedy these problems.

The activity of the Interior Ministry in the past years has proved a series of management, coordination deficiencies, even lack of professionalism in such cases as Caracal or the events of August 10. Your institutions needs to make a deep self-assessment in order to identify the factors that led to the above-mentioned situations and to take all necessary measures to remedy the problems as soon as possible. MAI cannot deviate from its fundamental goal, to protect and defend the Romanian citizens“, said Iohannis.

He underlined that the Interior Ministry must act for the benefit of the citizens, of the community and to endorse other state institutions.

Klaus Iohannis has also called on the ministry to enhance border checks amid coronavirus outbreak.

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