President slams PM for “putting the relation with the Arab world on the fritz”

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PM Viorica Dancila “has managed to also put on the fritz” the relation with the Arab world, which „is very sad”, president Klaus Iohannis has stated on Monday night, referring to the fact that Jordan’s King has cancelled his visit to Romania on the last minute, following Dancila’s announcement to relocate Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem. Iohannis revealed that the Jordanian King had personally felt very offended by Viorica Dancila’s approach.

The head of state made the statements during a debate hosted by the Association of the Cities in Romania.

I had a pretty tight schedule. I was supposed to leave from here to host a dinner for a dear and important guest. Jordan’s King should come, but, due to the prime minister’ dilettantism, that ruined our relation with this region, it’s not the case anymore”, Iohannis explained.

He further said the Jordanian King „has personally felt very offended by the prime minister’s approach during that congress in the US and cancelled the visit.” The President argued that one of the fewest stable things in the Romanian foreign policy was the very food relation with the Arab world.

This is a real problem for Romania, (…) Romania has built a confidence relation with the Arab world. It was, at least until today, one of the fewest stable things in Romania’s foreign policy, where we, as a state, had a firm, fair attitude for our partners. Now, the prime minister managed to put that on the fritz, too. This is not a joke. It’s very sad. And for what? For nothing,” the head of state added.

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