President slams ruling party again following rumors on amnesty and pardon law, FinMin’s statements: “It is an anti-Romanian ruling”

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President Klaus Iohannis has said on Thursday that if the Social Democrat Party insists on adopting an amnesty and pardon law “to help criminal Dragnea get rid of jail” and on passing laws to keep Romanians inside the borders by force, thus hinting to the controversial statement made by Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, then “this ruling, this PSD approach is an anti-Romanian one”.

In Iohannis’ view, amnesty would prompt “an unprecedented crisis”. He called on “sane” PSD policy-makers to prevent this law from being adopted.

Amnesty and pardon have already been the topic of an emergency ordinance in early 2017 and it led to wide street protests, for Romanians do not want such a thing. The GEO 13, at that time, has been withdrawn. Yet, there are still signs that this idea has not been abandoned inside PSD, with some Social Democrats spreading these ideas in public. Such an ordinance on pardoning some politicians would eventually be a catastrophe for Romania and would prompt an unprecedented crisis,” President Iohannis stated.

He called on those politicians in PSD who “are sane to undertake whatever they find suitable so that such a ordinance should be off the table.”

For now we only have the statements of some politicians, but I will remain connected and I will do my best from the president’s position to avoid getting to a new situation of this kind“, the head of state argued.

On the other hand, PM Viorica Dancila has said today that there is no such a draft on an amnesty and pardon law on her table and that she has never discussed this topic with any member of her Cabinet.

PSD Secretary General Codrin Ştefănescu said on Wednesday that the party will go on and will eventually deal with amnesty and pardon.

As for the controversial statement by Finance Minister Teodorovici on working rights restrictions, Klaus Iohannis said that, if the minister is still in office, that proves his statement is endorsed in PSD.

I hope I am not using an inappropriate phrase. When I read that news, so to speak, I was stunned by the suggestion of a remarkable PSD member to seize the Romanians inside the country’s borders. Something like that happened only in the communists’ time. Such an approach is extremely inappropriate and it concerns me the most. If this is what the PSD wants – to give an amnesty and pardon law to help criminal Dragnea get away with  prison and to pass laws to keep Romanians inside the borders by force, that is to cancel a right that we all fought for decades – then I can only say that this governance, this PSD approach is anti-Romanian,” the Romanian President said at Cotroceni Presidential Palace when asked about the statement of finance minister.

Iohannis considers that Teodorovici should resign over this statement.

In any normal country, a minister who makes such statements and does not have political backing leaves office the next day. The fact that he did not leave me proves that this is an approach agreed by PSD, and this upsets me very much and I think millions of Romanians are also upset about it. How can PSD imagine that the freedom of movement and the Romanians’ hard-earned right to work can be canceled just because a party wants some solutions that are completely out of line with the European patterns?,” President Iohannis further said.

In his turn, FinMin Eugen Teodorovici retorted to the President that he doesn’t intend to resign, accusing the head of state of spreading political speculation in public.

“I won’t resign for I don’t think I have ever done any harm to the Romanians living either in the country or abroad. If someone can bring me a single proof that I would have ever done something wrong, then I will step down. Until then, it is just a game Mr. President is trying to make with no gain whatsoever as before,” Teodorovici told Romania TV on Thursday night.

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