President slams ‘the irresponsible who spread conspiracy theories’, but also PSD for censure motion intention

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President Klaus Iohannis has said at the end of the emergency meeting with the Government on COVID-19 situation that Romania will return to the state of emergency if the number of cases is on the rise. “Dear Romanians, let’s not waste all that we have earned in the past two months with great sacrifice!”, the president said.

Iohanis has slammed PSD again for endorsing conspiracy theories  to undermine the Government’s efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The virus is still among us. The more aware we are that everyone’s responsibility is to follow some simple prevention rules, the more chances we have to control and eventually stop the outbreak. Otherwise, there is a real risk to face a major explosion of infections. And I have to tell you that, if rules will be consistently broken, we are definitely heading to a scenario with new outbreaks and a new wave of infections.

I ask local authorities to assume a more firm, pro-active role in managing the situation in their communities,” Iohannis said.

He added that “there have been two hard months for all of us” and that “it would be dramatic to compromise them now.”

“I think nobody  wants to get back to the state of emergency, but we’ll be compelled to return to it of the infection pace and the pressure on the hospitals are to significantly increase”, the head of state underlined.

Iohannis has further slammed the irresponsible people who “are spreading, some unconsciously, others out of ill will, all kind of misinformation and conspiracy theories with the purpose of growing the mistrust among citizens”.

“These approaches that contest the seriousness of the virus are harmful, as they are mystifying the evidence and are eroding the authority of the state and they can create breaches affecting the solidarity and social responsibility”, President Iohannis argued.

He further slammed the politicians, mainly PSD, for encouraging the law breaking and the non-compliance with the protection measures, but also for intention to file a censure motion against the Liberal Government.

“They are the same politicians who have weakened the Romanian state for the past three decades and who are now doing their best so that our common national effort should fail. Moreover, while our priority is to protect the citizens and the economic programme to lead to reconstruction, PSD’s priority is, ironically, to topple down the Government. Filing a censure motion during this period is a proof of maximum irresponsibility. PSD is concerned only of what it knows to do better, of petty political games with the aim of toppling down a government involved in a fight against the clock to protect people’s life and health”, the President said.

PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu has announced today his party’s intention to file a censure motion against Ludovic Orban Cabinet. Ciolacu claims that PSD has the endorsement of Pro Romania and ALDE to dismiss the Liberal Gov’t.

Social Democrats also intend to file several simple motions against the Interior, Labour and Education ministers.

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