President: The situation is serious, the state of alert to be extended by 30 more days

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The state of alert will be extended in Romania by 30 more days, President Klaus Iohannis has announced today after a new meeting with the PM and minister on managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The President mentioned that no further restrictions will be imposed, but no existing restrictions will be lifted either.

“We’ve reviewed the epidemiological situation and the measures to be taken in the coming period. The epidemiological situation is serious, it’s not good. Over 600 people have tested positive for COVID-19 today as well.

It’s a lot. Dear Romanians, I want to tell you three things: protect yourselves, protect yourselves, protect yourselves!

Wearing facemasks, keeping the social distancing are certain methods to stop this epidemic. Obey the rules!

Under these circumstances, the state of alert will be extended by 30 more days. Only restrictions now in place will be maintained, so there will be no other new restrictions,” the head of state underlined.

Iohannis mentioned on the other hand that new measures aiming the economy recovery will be further taken by the Government and that he will also tackle the issue of the economy recovery plan within the European Council meeting scheduled in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

“The economic recovery is extremely important after this complicated period (…) It is very important that Romania receives an as consistent sum as possible to revive its economy. I will fight for it in Brussels, me together with the entire Romanian team”, he concluded.

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