President to health workers: There has been an infernal year, you are our heroes

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President Klaus Iohannis has visited the E.R. Unit of “Bagdasar-Arseni” Hospital in Bucharest on Thursday on the occasion of the International Emergency Medicine Day. He praised the work of the doctors fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic for the past year.

“Today it’s International Emergency Medicine Day and allow me, first of all, to congratulate the entire healthcare workers in the emergency medicine. Ladies and gentlemen, I admire you! I admire you for the abnegation that you prove in your profession. You save lives on a daily basis and give hope to sick people and for this, you deserve not only congratulations, but also thanks.

(…) It has been an infernal year for the emergency medicine staff in this pandemic year, when things got complicated beyond measure and I know you worked till exhaustion, you save many lives and you significantly contributed to the good management of the complicated situations during this pandemic. Together with the entire medical staff, you have been in the frontline, you are our heroes and Romanisn must understand that there aren’t enough thanks for the work done by the E.R. staff and by all healthcare workers,” President Iohannis stated.

The Romanian head of state attended the ceremony of commissioning a new E.R. unit at “Bagdasar-Arseni” Hospital in Bucharest, which will become operational in a few days.

“It is a modern unit, with cutting edge equipment, which came out following a good collaboration between the District 4 City Hall and the Health Ministry. The district municipality took care of the building, while the ministry used European funds to equip it.

 It is a good example of how we would like the hospitals in Romania look like and I am convinced that we’ll see more and more modern units and entire hospitals in the upcoming years”, the president said.

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