President to mediate talks between Gov’t and central bank on economic issues

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Monday evening that he would mediate a talk between the Government and the National Bank of Romania (BNR) over the interest rise issue and inflation. Iohannis announced he would invite both sides to Cotroceni Palace in the upcoming days.

It’s possible that some approaches of the Presidency to resemble the ones of the BNR, for a simple reason, we understand the economy laws and we see what is happening. This approach to throw inflation in BNR’s yard, the one of the interest rate increase is totally wrong (…) The fiscal policies of the rulers have led to the interests’ increase. The problem can be solved through a responsible approach and sustainable government policies. The PSD governments haven’t understood very well the consequences of the policies they have enforced, they have skated over my arguments and the Oppositions’. The BNR-Gov’t animosity is deeply harmful. I will make a mediation, meaning that dissenting parties to get round the table, and in the coming days I will invite both sides to Cotroceni,” the head of state pointed out.

Iohannis added that some have gone too far with quite contusive allegations lately. “We hope we call a truce”, he added.

The Romanian President made the statements while in traffic, after taking a short bike ride in Bucharest.

FinMin reacts

However, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici retorted on Tuesday that the Government and BNR have an institutional collaboration and there is no point for president Klaus Iohannis to mediate this relation.

There is no war (between the BNR and the Executive). The Finance Ministry and the BNR are collaborating, not criticising each other. We collaborate, but it doesn’t mean we cannot voice different opinions related to th central bank’s actions,” Teodorovici said, adding that Romania’s President will probably address an invitation to PM Dancila to come to Cotroceni and that she will take a proper decision. 

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