President to promulgate social security budget law, calls on MPs to seriously re-examine the budget law. ‘PSD should step down’

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After the ruling Social Democrat Party has criticised him for refusing to promulgate the 2019 budget law, President Iohannis has convened another press conference today after the one on Friday, stating that PSD is to blame for the budget delay and urging lawmakers to seriously re-examine the law that has returned in Parliament.

The budget has been sent in Parliament in February, with a three-month delay, so PSD had better not scream that someone else is delaying their budget. PSD is the only one to blame for this situation. After delaying it so long, the government has not even been able to come up with a realist budget. It’s true it is a very good project to increase the PSD’s prosperity, not of Romania’s. The revenues are overestimated and uncertain, while expenses show a particular focus for financing PSD and its clientele,” President Iohannis argued.

He called on all MPs to treat the budget re-examination very seriously, „to make a realist budget for the growth of the country and not for the PSD’s growth”.

On the other hand, he announced he decided to promulgate the social security budget law, for today is the the last day of the promulgation deadline.

Pensioners must not suffer again because of the PSD’s incompetence and indifference. If the law were not promulgated, pensioners would be directly affected for any delay is affecting the allotment of social benefits.”

Iohannis resumed request for the MPs to make sure that the necessary sums for the pension payment are stipulated in the budget law and that the expenses are financed by observing the law.

Calculations shows that around RON 1.4 billion are missing to fully cover the payment of the pensions this year. Any other accounting artifice made by PSD won’t convince anyone. The recent practice of the government to increase pensions only in September is another PSD-like way to sell people illusions. The increase of pensions should have and could have been made earlier. Legally, pensioners could have been entitled to benefit of the pension rise much earlier, like children could have received increased allowances as of March 1 if PSD had really wanted that,” the head of state pointed out, stressing that „the PSD rule has failed and unfortunately citizens will be the ones to pay now”.

Iohannis argued that the most sensitive social categories, like pensioners, will be the most affected by the spiral of the price increase.

Due to PSD Romania’s growth has been long behind and results are visible. PSD has forgotten a basic principle of democracy: when you rule first you have to do it for the country, not for you. If it is not able to observe this principle, it’d better step down”, the President concluded.

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