President to Romanian diplomats: Unacceptable for Romania to take steps backwards on the rule of law, blunders not allowed in the foreign policy

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President Klaus Iohannis has welcomed the heads of Romanian diplomatic missions abroad at the Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

He told Romanian ambassadors and general consuls that it is unacceptable that Romania takes steps backwards on the rule of law, adding the Government has the obligation to make sure that Romania will have to gain from exerting the Presidency of the EU Council in connection with the foreign partners.

The head of state further said that blunders and amateurish approaches are not allowed in the foreign policy.

Stability and credibility also means preserving the rule of law, the independence of justice and countering corruption to the same standard. It is unacceptable to take steps backwards in the Centennial year (…) As President, I will do my best, considering my constitutional tasks, to achieve this goal. The bases of the foreign policy remain the same, are defined by the need to continue, expand the partnership with the United States and to enhance our role in the EU and NATO,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

He added that there is no room in the foreign policy for „questionable experiments, amateurish approaches and diplomatic blunders”.

It’s necessary that you act vigorously and efficiently, so that the goals should be carried out and Romanians should be better protected. The stability and predictability of the foreign policy are essential for our credibility as foreign actor,” the President underlined.

Iohannis said Romania must prove a thorough knowledge of the dossiers and procedures in the view of taking over the Presidency of the EU Council. „I would like Romania to be able to ensure an efficient Presidency. The Government is compelled to make sure that Romania will gain from exerting the EU Council Presidency in connection with the foreign partners,” he argued.

Iohannis said that Romania’s term at the helm of the EU Council is not an easy one, „either we refer to the future financial framework or to the Brexit negotiations”.

„All these require a solid preparation of our mandate. The period left until the end of this year is crucial in order to create a consistent, realistic, credible mandate of the future Presidency.”

Romania’s stance on Jerusalem is the same

The President also mentioned the issue of Jerusalem embassy, saying Romania’ stance has not changed, although the Government had announced in May the intention of relocating the HQ of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv  to Jerusalem.

All broad lines of actions mentioned in the previous years stay valid if we talk for instance about the Western Balkans, Southern Caucasus or Central Asia and Middle East, where our stances on the peace process remain unchanged, including regarding Jerusalem,” Iohannis said during his speech.

The President asked the Romanian ambassadors to enhance the partnerships and strategic bilateral relations, be it with Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey or Japan, stressing that the strategic partnership for the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the EU is still on the fore of Romania’s action.

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