President to talk with PM on early elections on Friday following common will


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President Klaus Iohannis has announced in a press statement that he will talk with PM Ludovic Orban on Friday about the possibility of triggering early elections, saying they both want early elections.

Asked if he asked for Orban to step down as PM if PSD would not file a censure motion, the President he hasn’t approached this discussion yet. “We haven’t discussed this scenario. Early elections are possible if the Government is dismissed or steps down and if the two proposals in a row for a new Cabinet are rejected. A resignation is also a way to trigger snap elections, technically. I will discuss about that tomorrow with PM Orban. We both want early elections”.

Also questioned if he could provide Ludovic Orban with some guarantees that he will still be named premier after the snap elections, Iohannis said: “It is a strange question. I can only tell you I am very content with the way Ludovic Orban is doing his job as PM. I still believe Ludovic Orban is the best PM option. I am very content and I wish Ludovic Orban continues his mandate as PM”.

In retort to PNL’s and the President’s desire for snap elections, the former ruling party, PSD retorted that snap elections represent “the biggest electoral prank, by which PNL is trying to avoid the consequences of annulling the pension and wage increases.”

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