President: We must learn to anticipate crises. National health system under a terrible pressure


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The immunization of the population through vaccination is the only viable tool to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told an event on climate change and public health held at Cotroceni Presidential Palace on the World Health Day, with dr. Hans Kluge, the director of the Bureau for Europe of the World Health Organization also attending.

The Romanian head of state also said that, unfortunately, the existing strategies of countering the pandemic are focused on disease control only after they appear, so a change of approach is needed nationally and worldwide, so that we “should be better prepared to anticipate crises”.

Klaus Iohannis pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic had come in a difficult moment for the Romanian health system, by exacerbating the chronic structural vulnerabilities, but without having the financial and material resources of some other EU member state, nor a performing healthcare system, Romania has yet “proved that it has the institutional capacity to act quickly and efficiently to contain the spread of the pandemic”.

The President has warned that “Romania is facing a virulent wave” of the pandemic and that the national healthcare system is under a tremendous pressure.

“We have yet real reasons for optimism and for the hope a new normality for we have vaccines at our disposal (…) but sustained efforts are needed to keep the virus under control“, he emphasized.

“Romania, like other countries, is facing a virulent epidemic wave to which it must hang on. Healthcare system around the world are under a terrible pressure, while accepting and observing the sanitary measures by all citizens remain critical points and represent proves of responsibility and maturity of each of us. Sustainable re-opening of our economies, under safety conditions, cannot be possible without respecting these measures”, Iohannis added

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