Presidential campaign: Monarchy, diaspora and external affairs reloaded


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After undercover agent, properties and children issues, this weekend brought new topics for the undergoing presidential campaign.

While at Romania TV show on Sunday night, PM Victor Ponta released a new campaign topic, hinting for the voters who are supporting monarchy. Ponta said that he would go to the people during his term as a president, maybe even until 2016, and call for a referendum on the Romania’s form of government. In his view, Romanians are choosing for a republic, but monarchy has gained great attractiveness lately. “I think most of the Romanians are currently favoring the republic, but monarchy has gained much more appeal compared to the nostalgic period of the beginning, and I think we should, sometimes during my term, maybe even by 2016, hold such a referendum related to the form of government. I would call for such a referendum”, Ponta told RTV. He referred to this referendum as a possible option that he would resign from the President’s office if he won presidential elections. PM said he would also resign if Traian Basescu had form a majority coalition and had the right to be named as prime minister.

However, the premier did not hesitate to attack again the incumbent President, unveiling that Traian Basescu has asked for a protocol house two weeks ago, as, under Romanian law, former heads of state are entitled to get a residence during their life time. “We received such a request and it is on the anvil. But I don’t think we can offer him a very luxurious residence, I suppose it will be a normal one, as far as I know Iliescu and Constantinescu (e.n former Presidents of Romania) are living in decent conditions (…),” Ponta told RTV. He also accused that Traian Basescu is not allowing him to take in part in the energy EC summit due next week. According to Ponta, Basescu will go to this summit instead despite the fact he has no responsibilities, no information and no implementation jurisdiction in this field.

In another token, the prime minister faced protests and boos during his weekend visits in Madrid, Spain and Arad. While touring among Romanians living outside the country, precisely in Madrid, Ponta took part in the Sunday service at a Romanian orthodox church in the Spanish capital. He was welcomed with petitions and booing while leaving the service. “Mr. prime minister, do something for us, the Romanians abroad”, “Designation” and “Go home”, were some of the hoots. “I will resign after I become President”, Ponta answered protesters, according to He had to face booing also while he was campaigning in Arad on Friday.

On the other side of the fence, in Iohannis camp, the Liberal candidate showing up along with German MEP Elmar Brok at a press conference in Sibiu stirred PSD opponents’ fierce criticism. More Social-Democrat leaders lashed out at Iohannis for “making the scene” with Brok, who gave his support for Iohannis candidacy. PSD spokesperson Dan Sova said Iohannis “had blundered again” showing up along with the German MEP. “Of all Popular members whom he asked for support, Iohannis had to pick precisely the one who referred to Romanians as animals”, Sova said. Other PSD MPs also slammed Iohannis for standing near ‘an anti-Romanian person’ who “asked for getting Romanians traveling in EU finger-printed.’ PM Ponta himself called Brok ‘a Nazi’ at the beginning of the year over the fingerprints row, but subsequently apologized after EP President Martin Schulz said he wouldn’t tolerate such a language coming from the PM of a EU country and asked him to call back his words.

While in Iasi on Saturday, Iohannis sort of retorted to PSD in advance, saying he is a free man unlike Ponta, who is “manipulated” and “product of a system”.

On top of all, PMP campaign staff believes the party’s candidate Elena Udrea is discriminated regarding the electoral out door billposters. PMP’s vice-president Eugen Tomac said the party would file criminal complaints against those mayors who are blocking Udrea’s posting, claiming this kind of incidents have been reported in Bucharest’s district 1, in Buftea, Voluntari, Mehedinti, Gorj, Focsani and Satu Mare.






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