Presidential election provisional results: Klaus Iohannis – categorical victory against Viorica Dancila

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Klaus Iohannis has been re-elected President of Romania, for a 5-year term.

Provisional results in Romania and Diaspora after centralizing 19,573 polling stations (99.86%), meaning 9.829.412 votes:

  • Klaus Iohannis 66.05% – 6,492,012 votes
  • Viorica Dăncilă – 33.95% – 3,337,278 votes

Results from 825 polling stations abroad have been processed so far, out of the total of 835.

  • Klaus Iohannis has got the overwhelming majority of the votes- 860, 327 (93.96%),
  • Viorica Dancila only 55,238 (6.04%).
Results Bucharest – 1,275 sections in 1,275 (100%) – 954,727 votes
    • Klaus Iohannis: 67.52% – 644,596 votes
    • Viorica Dăncilă: 32.48% – 310,131 votes

Klaus Iohannis has won countrywide, winning in 37 counties. Viorica Dancila has managed to impose only in five counties in the southern country  (Giugiu, Teleorman, Olt, Mehedinti and Gorj) and losing by a hair in Buzau, Botosani and Dolj.


Provisional results announced by BEC after centralizing votes from 93% in the polling stations in Romania (Diaspora not included).

  • Klaus Iohannis 62.93% – 5,313,232 votes
  • Viorica Dăncilă – 37.08% – 3,131,106 votes


IRES exit poll by 21:00 hrs

67.1% for Klaus Iohannis and 32.9% – Viorica Dăncilă. 


IRES exit poll for the second round of presidential election

Klaus Iohannis -66.5%

Viorica Dancila -33.5%

The results are valid for votes counted until 20:00hrs, and without taking into account the votes from Diaspora.

In the first round of elections, Klaus Iohannis obtained 37.82% while Viorica Dancila- 22.6%.

Turnout by 21:00hrs: 49.87%.


Klaus Iohannis -64.8%

Viorica Dancila -35.2%


President Klaus Iohannis has hailed his victory, dubbing it “the most categorical victory obtained against PSD”, a victory of a “normal Romania” where all voters should find their place, either from PNL, USR-PLUS, UDMR or PSD.
I have no war with the PSD voters, I am at war with PSD“.
It’s an important victory, the most categorical one ever obtained against PSD. I receive this victory with joy, but also with modesty and with confidence in Romania”.
He added though that the war is not “won” , while calling on Romanians to also vote in the local and parliamentary elections.
Iohannis had a special mention for the Romanians in Diaspora who turned out to poll is large numbers.
In her turn, the PSD candidate, the loser of these elections, Viorica Dancila had a brief press statement at the PSD HQs, when she thanked those who “voted with their heart”, while claiming that PSD has won again the voters that it had lost at the EP elections.
She underlined she won’t resign from the PSD helm, arguing she doesn’t consider herself to blame for this outcome and that only the Congress of the party can decide to strip her from the chairwoman position.

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