President’s message before Easter: Restrictions are still on, stay home, make this sacrifice now to be safe, together, later on

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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has delivered a new message on Friday, before the Easter celebrations, asking Romanians to stay home, to avoid visits, reiterating the restrictions are still in place.

“Staying away from the ones we love (…) is the only rational attitude now. Please, make this sacrifice now so that we can be together, safe, later on”, the head of state said.

Iohannis stated that “Romania, like other countries, is still facing an epidemic wave”, but “it’s not yet in an extended community transmission stage” due to the efforts taken by the authorities on social distancing.

“Let’s not forget for any moment that behind statistics there are always people, with their families and their tragedies.

I ask all authorities not to loosen their vigilance, not for one moment! Absolutely all restrictions are in force those days. We are not playing with the lives of Romanians, while any breach of the rules represents a major risk. We all have already made many efforts to avoid a catastrophic scenario. Let’s not waste this effort!”, the President underlined.

A society that is putting life above all is a society that has a solid moral foundation on which it can build a better future. In order to do that, we must all stay safe and healthy. Stay home for Easter! Don’t go visiting your relatives and friends! Easter is the celebration of life’s victory, let’s live this meaning in its most profound sense, by saving the lives of the beloved ones!

I wish you healthy Easter holidays!”, the President concluded.

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