Pro Romania – new political party to be set up by Daniel Constantin and former ALDE deputies

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Former ALDE co-chair Daniel Constantin (photo), together with Deputies Eugen Durbacă, Mircea Banias – both excluded from the party, Sorin Cimpeanu – former Education Minister and Damian Florea will set up a new political party in two week’s time, sources have told Most probably, the party will be named ‘Pro Romania’ and during the autumn parliamentary session it might co-opt further five more deputies, enough to set a parliamentary group, the same source reports.

‘Evenimentul zilei’ reports that 15 MPs were contacted to deal with setting up county organisations. Daniel Constantin has posted on Monday on Facebook a photo during the meeting with the new party initiators, commenting: “A new beginning, in another way.” According to, former PM Victor Ponta, a close politician to Daniel Constantin, has been informed of the project.

Daniel Constantin has sued ALDE for the congress, during which Calin Popescu Tariceanu was elected sole president of the party. The next hearing is on June 12.

The ALDE leadership has decided in early May to expel Daniel Constantin (former co-chairman), Eugen Durbaca and Mircea Banias from the party. The decision comes following the dispute at the helm of the party between Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Daniel Constantin.

“There was a vote on ousting from the party three members, Daniel Constantin, Mircea Banias and Eugen Dubarca. They have opposed the party’s decisions lately and have adopted duplicitous positions on ALDE,” said Vice-president Andrei Gerea at the time.

ALDE Political Bureau decided in late April to request the Standing Delegation to expel Daniel Constantin from the party.

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