Proposal: One of Bucharest’s boulevards to be named King Michael I

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The PNL municipal councillors have initiated a draft decision of the Bucharest General Council on the basis of which the name King Michael I of Romania Boulevard would be attributed to the road section Pavel Dimitrievici-Kiseleff, bounded between the Piata Presei Square and the Arch of Triumph.

“King Michael was, is and will remain one of our landmarks, a political personality. The history leans now, on the occasion of the loss and is due to pay tribute, alongside the undistorted truth, to a king who loved the country beyond the borders of exile and beyond death. We owe to honour the memory of a young king in a world decimated by war and then in a gray world, dominated by hatred and fear, the world of World War II is indebted to him, because through his actions he contributed to ending the war,” a press release from PNL Bucharest reads.

The counsellors point out that there was a period when the entire road was named King Michael: 1940-1944.

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