PSD-ALDE ruling coalition leaders, divided stances over the protest on highways. Dragnea: „Circus!”. Tariceanu: Protest is justified


PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has harshly criticised the protest lobbying for highways and also businessman Stefan Mandachi who initiated the protest in the first place. Dragnea said that Mandachi, who built one metre of highway from his money, could have donated the money, and not have made a scene out it.

Some smart guys are screaming they have built one metre of highway, but today works for Moldova Highway are kicking off. They are making  a scene, we are making highways. They are screaming, we are developing Romania. I understand that businessman spent EUR 100,000 for all this show. If he has this money, he could have donated it. The law approved in Parliament is Targu-Mures-Iasi. That’s nothing to do with Bucharest. It is all circus.

I don’t ask you to lie, to manipulate, but to have the courage to tell people what’s going on. For otherwise, you let these circus performers led by lazy,” he said, hinting to president Iohannis.

However, his coalition partner, Calin Popescu Tariceanu (ALDE chair) has not had the same opinion. Tariceanu stated that the protest for highways is justified, as the state has not built enough modern roads. „If you are minister and don’t go on site to check on the stage of the works, to whip them a little bit, nothing is done”, he argued.

The rhythm of building highways in Romania has been unacceptably slow and all parties that have been ruling Romania in the past 20-30 years share a common blame here. Minister have not set their priorities correctly, had no units under their authority able to enforce these projects (…) It is a critical point which I admit and which is caused by the successive incapacity if those who have run the Transports Ministry”, Tariceanu said.

Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici has also announced on Friday he is joining the protest for highways, and that he will go out in front of the ministry, where several demonstrators had announced their presence.

Asked to comment Liviu Dragnea’s attack against him, businessman Stefan Mandachi said: “I won’t comment this reaction: if I am 2 metres underground I cannot use EUR 100,000“, he argued, referring to the fact that, in the absence of highways, serious car accidents are taking place on Romanian roads.

I won’t comment political statements for I am not going in for politics. It is his problem”, Mandachi added.

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