PSD and PNL neck and neck for European elections, INSCOP survey reads

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PSD and PNL are almost at the same level in terms of voting intentions for the elections for European Parliament this spring, a national INSCOP Research survey reads.

The survey was conducted during March 5-13, 2019 upon the request of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a release quoted by informs.

The share of those saying will go to the ballot has increased against the previous month to 26.9%, whereas 11.8% say they would most likely vote.

On the other hand, 29.7% say they haven’t decided whom to vote for, while 58.5% have a clear option.

Voting intentions: PSD – 26.9%, PNL – 26.3%, USR-PLUS Alliance – 15.3%, ALDE – 9.3%, Pro Romania – 9.1%, UDMR – 5%, PMP – 4.4%, PNTCD – 1.1%, UNPR – 1%, the INSCOP survey reads.

If only those who are certain to go to the ballot and those who are almost certain are considered, the voting intentions would be: PSD – 29.1%, PNL – 27.1%, USD-PLUS Alliance – 17.7%, Pro Romania – 8.1%, ALDE – 7.9% and UDMR – 5.2%.

The survey was conducted based on a questionnaire by operators, at the respondents’ domicile, on a multi-stratified sample of 1,053 persons. Maximum admitted error is of +/-3%, with a confidence degree of 95%.

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