PSD boasts 100 social and economic measures, says Romania outran China, other wealthy countries


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Social Democrats got together for the party’s National Executive Committee in Baile Herculane spa resort on Friday, to review the ten months of ruling and to highlight the track record of the Tudose cabinet. In ten-page report quoted by the media, ruling PSD makes an inventory of 100 social and economic achieved measures.

In the chapter dedicated to the economic vision of the PSD ruling programme, there are mentioned the average economic growth of 5.5%, the infrastructure rehabilitation, the endorsement of the domestic capital and the fight against tax evasion and black labour.

The SocDem leaders exemplify with a world ranking presenting the top five countries on economic growth, with Romania ranking first, ahead China and India, according to the IMF outlook, and ranking third according to OECD.

Opposite to the figures regarding the EU fund absorption, the PSD document reads that Romania has outrun countries like The Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium and France on EU fund absorption.

In the chapter on the social vision, PSD claims that in the 10 months of ruling, two targets have been achieved: public pay rises (21.2% as against 20% as it was assumed) and the increase of the number of the full time labour contracts. The SocDems also say that the purchasing power was up by 12.6% for employees and by 14.6% for pensioners.

The Social Democrat leaders claim that after the unitary pay law passed, salaries have increased for five categories public sectors: Health, Education, Culture, Defence and Public Administration. They state that among the achievements there is also the rise of the minimum wage or granting vacation vouchers, etc.

On Education, the rulers boast they set up 106 vocational classes and concluded 46 kindergartens and 24 schools, but also for drafting the School book law. On Health, the best achievements of the PSD rule are the vaccination law and the transfer of Cantacuzino Institute under the authority of the Defence Ministry.

Most of the accomplishments are written down in the ‘Business environment’ chapter, ranging from the income tax cut from 16% to 10% for salaries, independent activities, rents, interests and investments to the creation of two separate ministries, for Tourism and for Business Environment and to the ELCEN transfer in the Capital’s patrimony.

On the performance list there is also mentioned the completion of the “Ion Oblemenco’ stadium in Craiova, of 97 houses for youngsters, the extension of the Bucharest ring road by four traffic lanes and….the reception of 15 km of highway.

In an article published on Friday, Bloomberg  yet says that the last time Romania ‘outpaced China’s was 2008, shortly before financial crisis’, with a devastating result: the 20 billion-euro bailout.

PSD leaders booed in Herculane

Several persons welcomed the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea and PM Tudose upon arriving at the CExN meeting in Herculane with howls of protest, chanting “convicted persons cannot rule the country”. Senator Ecaterina Andronescu, former Education minister, retorted to the protesters “you cannot decide that, the nation does”. In his turn, the incumbent Education minister Liviu Pop said that Dragnea is strong enough to run PSD.

EVZ daily claimed that PSD is preparing a wide protest to support Dragnea ahead latest corruption charges, either a wide protest in Bucharest or several other small ones in several cities. In retort, Dragnea said he doesn’t want a meeting to his support, but for the Government.


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