PSD candidate Dancila asks voters to choose the candidate that did more for them in the past years


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On the last day of the electoral campaign for Presidency’s second round, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) candidate Viorica Dancila asked Romanians to judge those asking their vote depending on what they did for them the past years and on how much respect they showed them.

(…) Dear Romanians, choose to judge those coming and asking for your vote depending on what they have done for you these years and how much respect they have shown you. Look how much they worked, how much they listened, how much these candidates evolved in time. I don’t have the arrogance to promise you I will be an ideal president, but I can promise, and the facts are on my side, that I will work more than all the presidents of the past 30 years in Romania,” Dancila said in a press statement at the Parliament Palace.

Dancila added she believes in family and God, that she is a good Romanian and loves her country.

The PSD Chairwoman asked the undecided “their confidence and vote for a mandate of work day by day, hour by hour,” while addressing the pensioners, mothers and the state employees whose salaries have increased in the past years under her mandate as PM, doctors and teachers.

For doctors and teachers, I will support them as president, I will support the reform in these two areas of a major importance for Romania – education and healthcare. For pensioners, that I am a person who understands their needs and rights and who has always endorsed the increase in pensions for a decent living. For women and for mothers, by whose side I have always been and for whom I will fight unconditionally, because I am one of them and I understand them. I know what it means to be a woman. For the Romanian entrepreneurs, in whom I believe and whom I will support to become one of the main engines of the country and reach international markets,” the PSD candidate said.

Dancila also had a message for Diaspora, arguing it is not enough to tell Romanians living abroad to come home, but “measures are needed to create similar conditions to those in the countries where they left to.”

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